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Healthy Vegan Ice Cream

This ice cream is not only delicious, but also healthy and vegan. No sugar, milk or egg! Note that it should be eaten within 12 hours of making it, as it tends to crystallise if stored, but it tastes so good, that this will not be a problem.



Soak the dried figs in the coconut cream for about one hour, or a bit more. (In warm climates, it is better to keep the mixture in the refrigerator during this time.)

Once the figs swell up and become softer, transfer the mixture to a blender and blend. Freeze. Once it is almost frozen, its ready to serve.


Take approximately equal volumes of thick fresh coconut milk, ripe mashed bananas and dates and blend in a blender. Freeze the mixture. Let it set. Serve.

You can try this with different nut milks, or even soy milk, with a little sesame butter for creaminess. Dates can be replaced with other dried fruits which should be soaked in the milk for a while before blending. Bananas can be replaced by any fruit with similar consistency (mangoes, chikoo, papaya). If you wish to use a juicy fruit like pineapple then add a little more sesame butter to give the creaminess. Nuts may be added if desired.

Serves 4-5


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