1. The 21 Day Online Diabetes Reversal webpage is not displaying properly.
Please use updated Chrome and  FireFox Browser in your PC, Tablet, or Laptop.

2. The Enable Cookies error message shows in the login page.
Please enable “Allow Cookies” in your browser settings or retry login.

3. The next day like Day2, Day3,… is not opening after reading Day 1 whole.
Please complete Test Your Knowledge part at the bottom of the webpage and click Submit.

4. How do I see and print my filled “Track your Progress” form?
Click Track Your Progress Tab and you can find the “Progress Chart” link (in blue) at the end.

5. Where can i find the link for Progress Chart?
If you go to the Track Your Progress Bars on any day you will see a link that says ‘Go to your progress chart’

6. Some videos or images on the page are not showing.
Please check your internet settings or may be your internet speed is slow.

7. Are the following OK on this diet? Sprouts bread , Quinoa, Urad dal , Barnyard millet. This also refers to any other items on your list to ask about.

To know whether anything is acceptable or not, ask yourself the question – is it plant based? Is it whole? If you answer yes to both, then it’s acceptable. Keep in mind that daals may be found with the skin removed or polished millets are often sold. It’s always better to check and get the whole versions. If an organic version is not available, it’s better to substitute with something else if possible.

As far as readymade items go, like sprout bread or multigrain bread etc etc, keep in mind that manufacturers always want to sell, so they make everything look good on the packaging. Read the ingredient list carefully and see if it contains anything that you do not want or if it contains something that you have no idea what it is or that you cannot pronounce. If yes, avoid that product.

8. How can I add the medicine which I  forgot to add on the first day?
Go to track your progress section of Day 1, Choose the same date that was your first day. (You can find out what this date was by clicking Go to your progress chart at the top of the Track Your Progress section and seeing it there) and add the new medicine and click submit.