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SHARAN (Sanctuary for Health And Reconnection to Animals and Nature) is dedicated to spreading awareness about holistic health and an ecologically sustainable, compassionate lifestyle.

We are a team of doctors, nutritionists, health coaches and facilitators with a common vision of building a culture of health. Our mission is to help you achieve your highest health potential by empowering you to make long-term lifestyle changes.

Our methods, used and tested by doctors, are based on scientific evidence and are now part of mainstream knowledge all over the world. We have positively impacted the lives of over 100,000 people worldwide, through our books, talks, classes, workshops, retreats and doctor/nutritionist consultations.

Welcome to a life of vibrant wellbeing!.

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At the forefront of preventing and reversing diseases without medicines, since 2005

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Sanctuary for Health And Reconnection to Animals and Nature

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