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  • Ramesh Hirani


    My name is Ramesh Hirani. Two years ago, at age 39, I thought I lived a fairly healthy lifestyle with 4 hours of working out every week. Then the bubble burst! After a routine check up for excess thirst I got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

    Once reality set in, I decided that I would not let my diagnosis and disease beat me. I accepted my situation and chose to take responsibility and started researching for a natural way to combat diabetes. During this search, a friend recommended Gabriel Cousens’ book “There is a Cure for Diabetes”. This book gave me hope. It made me realise that I could actually reverse my diabetes rather than living off medication for the rest of my life.

    I followed the principles of the book and within a couple of weeks my sugar levels already started to drop. I felt much more positive that there was a way out of my situation. However, after 4 months my blood sugar levels were still above what they should be and I wanted to eliminate my diabetes once and for all.

    I decided to join SHARAN’s 21 day reversal program in June 2014. This was based on very similar principles to what I had learnt in Gabriel Cousens’ book. The program, though, went beyond all my expectations. I learnt to tweak my diet so that my results continued to improve. We were taught about the causes of diabetes, what happens in the body, what medication does, how the disease can be completely reversed and how we could start living a normal life again.

    Many participants were on a lot of medication and most had been ill for much longer than I had. By the end of the 3 weeks, all participants were down to normal blood sugar levels and medication was either completely eliminated or significantly reduced.

    The difference in my vitality and general health has improved immensely and has already inspired others to learn more and start healing for themselves. This is why I have decided to bring this ground-breaking and proven system to the UK- starting with a 1 day Reversing Diabetes workshop with Dr Nandita Shah, the founder of SHARAN.

    I want to support people in their healing so that they can be free of this dreadful disease just like I am. Learning that diabetes can be reversed has liberated me. I feel I have my life back, more importantly, it also means my wife and kids have me back healthier, happier and grateful.

  • Smita Bhatt

    Ex-Ceo of a Pharmaceutical Company, Ahmedabad

    My weight was 74 kg in 2013 and I was suffering from severe stress and anxiety related issues. I came across SHARAN's 21 Day Disease Reversal Program and attended it first time in June 2013. The miracles began to happen. With organic vegan diet and quiet mind I learnt to listen to my body and to change my lifestyle. I did it and today I am 62 kgs with glowing skin, high energy levels and already on the path of soulful living. I attended the program again in June 2014 and it indeed deepened my understanding further. Yes, we all are the best doctor for ourselves and we must listen to our body and soul. Considering the ultimate benefits of this program, I have decided to be a messenger of the same under SHARAN's guidance.

  • Seema Bali

    SHARAN came into my life and transformed me dramatically. I reduced my weight by 17.6 kgs. eating the plant based whole foods vegan way taught by SHARAN at the amazing 21 Day Disease Reversal Retreat. Recently when I met my relatives, they all were so surprised and told me I look 10 years younger. I feel soooo good and young again with increased energy levels.

    A year ago I was suffering with severe back pain and I could only manage to walk a few meters. Yoga could not help my back pain as loosing weight was impossible with severe dieting. I was starving myself and only managed to loose 3 to 4 kgs on my own. And I gave up. Then SHARAN came into my life! All thanks to you, SHARAN, for giving me my life back.

    I am loving this new lifestyle. It changed my life. Thank you for sharing this plant based whole foods knowledge with us. With lots of love and good wishes to you.

  • Shashi Khanna


    2014 has been a watershed year for both me and Malcolm. We went for the 21 days disease reversal retreat of SHARAN and our entire outlook about our well being and food changed. I was never fond of cooking and was afraid of failure. But now, cooking has become my passion. I enjoy spending time in kitchen and keep experimenting with all kinds of dishes. I have also lost 10 kgs and feel so much lighter and healthier.

    So looking forward to a brighter, joyful 2015 and many more years after that. Wishing the same for all of you.

  • Siddharth

    Shashi and I have a decades-long history of medical problems and medication for diabetes, high blood pressure and excess weight. We had heard about the SHARAN residential program for reversing these life style diseases for a long time from our son, but didn't do anything about it, until he lost patience. One day he just booked us in, bought the air tickets, and that was that.

    What a wonderful transformational experience it turned out to be! It is no exaggeration to say that our lives have changed in body, mind and soul. The most important learning for us has been that medication (and higher doses of it as time goes by) is not the best and only way to tackle our problems!

    It has been six months since we took the program. We are so much happier and healthier and fitter than before. Our medical results are impressive (even our doctors have a hard time believing it). All our parameters are better than before and are further improving. Medication has been halved. Shashi has reduced nine kgs and I five. Life has somehow become simpler in so many ways and more joyful.

    We have still some way to go. There are challenges. But we are alert and aware of the pitfalls and taking care!

  • Jenny Sugar

    Milano, Italy

    Making the change to a whole plant based diet and vegan lifestyle is a strong experience of great significance. I thought I had conquered a lot becoming vegetarian, but now I that realise what it really means to be vegan, it has changed my life.

    I now consider it a moral responsibility to take care of my body, by respecting it, fulfilling its needs without feeding it as if it were a dust bin.

    I was always a great cook and had a food business. With the discovery of raw vegan cuisine and it’s various and delicious recipes, I reversed a 45 years old severe constipation and went from taking many medicines to none in a short period of time. I also experienced a deep change in my approach to the preparation of food, the control of my body’s health and victory over the types of little aches that I have carried on with for years, mistakenly believing they are just part of me.

    My plans are to become a Health and Food Coach and change the lives of many others. I am working towards this and thoroughly enjoying it.

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