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Baked Bananas with Rosemary

Photo credit: Asha Sreedharan


  • Ripe bananas (1 per head) – washed, but not peeled
  • As many sprigs of rosemary as bananas


Slit open each banana and stick a sprig of rosemary in. Bake all the bananas in their skins in the oven at about 170 ºC – 200 ºC for about 10 minutes on one side and then 10 minutes on the other side.

Take out the sprig of rosemary and serve hot. The bananas caramelise and the rosemary lends a lovely flavour.


Cook the skinned bananas in a frying pan to caramelise them and serve them with date syrup and sesame butter or just sesame seeds. Bake whole unskinned green bananas in the oven and when done, peel, take the fruit out and place in a bowl. Top with walnuts, vanilla and cinnamon.


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