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Vegetable Stock


  • 1 cup chopped vegetables and fresh herbs (any vegetable of your choice can be used, plus leftover roots of herbs, vegetable peels, etc.)
  • 4-5 cups water


Boil the vegetables with water in a deep covered pan, for approximately 20 minutes. The water will turn darkish yellow and have a vegetable fragrance. Remove from heat and strain. Let the water cool.  Store in a glass container in refrigerator for up to a week.


  • This can be used in soups and curries instead of water to add more flavour.
  • You can choose vegetables according to cuisine too. E.g. For South Asian, use bok choy, cabbage, carrot, etc. For Mediterranean, use tomato, onion, thyme, etc.
  • The vegetables used to make the stock can be blended and used as manure in the soil or for potted plants.

Makes 5 cups


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