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Wraps can be made with different ingredients according to your taste.


  • The base – this can be a large whole wheat base (tortilla/ chappatis, etc.), made with or without flavouring (tomato, spinach, etc.)
  • The spread – something that makes the wrap moist and luscious – hummus, avocado, vegan cheesesvegan mayonnaise, coriander mint chutney or any other of your favourite spreads
  • Veggies – these can be grilled or raw or a combination
  • Some spike – chilli sauce, onions, mustard, etc. (optional)
  • You could also add marinated or grilled tofu if you wish, or beans, etc.


Heat the base on a griddle (tawa). When the base is roasted, add the other layers. Roll tightly like a frankie and serve.


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