21 Day Health Retreat

Every year SHARAN conducts one to two 21-day health retreats where participants can experience the changes in their body which take place while following a healthy lifestyle. We do all the tests at the beginning and end of the program and checks all through. We help participants reduce their medications when possible, so that by the end of the program they can really see what it feels like to be free from all or many medications. The test results are a testimony to their improved health.

Our programme is usually in the summer in one of the most beautiful health resorts in India. This is a relaxing, educative, healing and fun vacation that can change your health destiny!

Here is a short video to give you the flavour of the program

Our day to day program will include

  • Health checkups
  • Yoga and pranayama with resident teachers
  • Theory and experiential sessions
  • Interactive cooking classes
  • Meditation and Yog Nidra
  • Private consultations
  • Art therapy with the resident artist
  • Exercise, games, walks, swimming, fun
  • Films on health and well-being

Optional activities included in the package:

  • Treks, nature walks and bird watching with resident naturalists
  • Cultural programs
  • One free massage per person

Will this program be good for you?

This program is especially useful for

  • Those who want to reverse lifestyle diseases and are willing to make dietary changes
  • Those who want to know how to keep themselves and their families well by learning all they can about health and nutrition
  • Doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, cooking instructors or lay people who want to help reverse diseases through nutrition
  • Those who want to lose weight or get rid of diseases but ‘do not have will power’ and need hand holding to begin.
  • Those who are willing to learn and grow all the time.

This program is not ideal for

  • Those who cannot understand English instruction. Since our program is currently in English a non English speaker would miss a lot.
  • Those who frequently have medical emergencies.
  • Those who need frequent hospitalization and interventions like dialysis etc.
  • Those who are not self reliant, unable to walk, climb two flights of stairs.
  • Those who have psychiatric illnesses.
  • Those who are frequently travelling, or cannot be in control of what they are eating (living in a hostel, air hostess etc).

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