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Mentorship with Capt. Joseph

Personal Mentorship

Want to have excellent health and a positive mindset but are unable to achieve due to self-doubt, anxiety and confusion? Then this mentorship program is just for you. Don’t wait, just jump in. It can save your life!

Everyone has the right to live healthy and be happy. Identify your baggage and throw it out.

Live, don’t survive.

Neither childhood wounds, nor present wounds, should stop you from achieving your goals. You can be fit, fine, healthy, energetic, successful, joyful and caring.

Capt. Joseph is a great motivator & master of all trades. He will understand your problems and help you individually with practical tips and tools. He will take care of all aspects of life like food, exercise, mind, health and success. Above all, he will help you to identify your goals and the routes to achieve them. He has helped many already and shown them the way.

One month mentorship program is enough to get you on track.

Note: This is only for those who mean business and are ready to follow strictly and all set to do all the practical home work without fail. You will be prepared to follow a whole food plant based diet, since the gut plays a major role in your mind. If found not following strictly, we reserve the right to discontinue the program with a 70% refund.

Program Layout:

  • Four 2 hours sessions in a month
  • Everyday WhatsApp support
  • Available for any emergency calls
  • Helps you with diet, affirmations, visualization, gratitude, stress release, exercise, shopping & more
  • Setting up a routine, food and mind consultation and above all goal setting

For further information please contact Capt. Joseph Pinto at +91 9920332307

Duration: 1 month from the time you sign up

Contribution: Introductory offer Rs.8000+ 18% GST per person per month {Actual cost is Rs. 25,000/- per month}

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