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SHARAN Covid Desk

Do you have Covid or even suspect that you do?

These days whenever we get fever or a cough or sore throat, we immediately think that it
 might be Covid-19. Should we risk going out to get the test done? Should we go to the
doctor? Should we isolate? What should we do? There is a lot of fear and anxiety.

To manage this, SHARAN has started a Covid Desk, with some experts, some standard protocols and guidelines, and even doctors when required. Our experts have had experience in managing Covid and are very experienced in SHARAN lifestyle. They will offer support daily or even several times a day if needed until you are well (for a maximum of 14 days). They will guide you on what to do at every step – how to handle symptoms, what to consume, how to isolate within your circumstances and home. They will also tell you if and when it is necessary to consult a doctor if needed. In short we will support you to take away the anxiety and concentrate on getting well and avoid unnecessary medications and side effects

We will help you come out of this stronger and with a minimum or no medications. The
 bonus? You will learn to trust in your body’s ability to heal, and this will help you in the 
future as well.

Here are the steps

  1. Contact our consultation desk – +91 9167572123 for more information
  2. You will be given a form to fill in
  3. Register (Rs 1500) for the entire 15 days with our experts only. In case this needs to be referred to our doctor there will be an additional fee. We will
 always try to avoid this.

We hope that this account will give others confidence and help them heal with natural means. We have added some more testimonials in our testimonial section as well.

Please note that we also help post-Covid patients regain optimum health with regular consultations. Please speak to our consultation co-ordinator +91 9167572123 or write to consult@sharan-india.org to understand which consultation package would be most suitable for your needs

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