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Mother Nature Prani-fy Me – Free Talk

Start date: Saturday 3rd Aug 2024 6:00 pm IST End date: Saturday 3rd Aug 2024 7:00 pm IST

We derive Prana initially from nature when we are born. Later due to a faulty lifestyle, eating habits and even our thought patterns, our pranic energy goes down.

This talk is to help you reconnect. In this session, you will learn what prana is, what it does inside your body, the need to replenish it and how to replenish your Pranic energy to stay healthy, calm, peaceful and serene. You will also learn how to infuse water with energy at home, what are high pranic foods & more.

Learn to reconnect with yourself and nature.

Join us!!

Date: Saturday, 3rd August 2024

Time: 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM IST + Q&A

Contribution: This is a free event but registration is a must.

Event Presenter


Sanctuary for Health And Reconnection to Animals and Nature

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