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Captain Joseph Pinto

Capt Joseph Pinto retired from the Indian Airforce as a pilot and started flying helicopters in the Civil Offshore Industry India and abroad. Born into a typical Keralite Christian family, he was naturally a hard core non-vegetarian, and had eaten almost all types of meat. He even used to kill home grown chicken and rabbits in his village for cooking. The result? He suffered from fissures and despite an operation, he always had problem of irregular motion.

In January 2015 he watched Earthlings with his wife Rose and 2 teenaged daughters and from that very moment he turned vegan, as did his family. Gradually they moved on to a healthy vegan diet. He lost 12kgs, his acidity and all problems with motions too. Also he was relieved from the frequent attacks of cold, which used to take almost a month to recover even with medicine. Now frequency as well as intensity reduced to almost nil.

He is now feeling energetic and enthusiastic and wants to help others who are stuck in the same boat. With a promise, not to harm anymore animals he wants to spread veganism as much as possible to save nature, animals and humankind. He left his job and is now working full time for this cause.

Captain Joseph now handles the SHARAN Organic Farmers markets and the SHARAN Organic store in Mumbai. He also gives talks and conducts cooking sessions for men. He is also the fitness facilitator at the SHARAN 21 Day Health Retreat, where he motivates the participants to cross the limitations that they have set upon themselves.

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Sanctuary for Health And Reconnection to Animals and Nature

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