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Jaishree Kannan

Jaishree Kannan has a Master’s degree in Social Work from Madras University and is a qualified Counselor from Xavier Institute of Counselling Psychology.

She also holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies from E-Cornell University.

She has over 17 years of experience working with various child welfare projects in Mumbai & Chennai.

Jaishree is a Nutritional Consultant at SHARAN and also conducts cooking classes, workshops and talks.

She was diagnosed with 3rd stage ovarian cancer in 2007 which was successfully treated, but relapsed within 9 months. It was then that she realised that she needed to go beyond her treatment and to look within herself for her own healing.

One day a chance reading of the book ‘The Power Within You’ by Louise Hay made her realise she could heal herself and triumph over cancer. Jaishree from that day decided to work on healing all aspects of her life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and has never looked back. She set out on a raw plant-based diet as advocated by the author and started researching the subject. This led her to SHARAN which introduced her to health workshops, cooking classes, books and resources, and most of all strengthened her belief that she could heal herself.

As part of this healing journey, she also completed an NLP Practitioner course, an Inner child Therapist course and trained to become a ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshop Leader and Life Coach. Her foray into emotional and spiritual healing led her to courses in yoga and meditation and the rich world of Vedanta learnings.

In the ten years since, Jaishree has reached out to many people through her workshops, individual counselling and therapy sessions. As a wellness coach and cancer coach, she helps people to connect with themselves and become aware of their own strength and healing power.

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