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Raw Vegan Nut Cheese

This recipe makes a healthy cholesterol free cheese, which tastes amazingly like dairy cheese. It needs to be made beforehand, as it takes 2 or more days to get the mature cheese. This cheese bakes well, works well on pizzas and cheese toast too.


  • Rejuvelac
  • 1 cup whole or broken raw cashew nuts
  • Unrefined salt, pepper and herbs to taste


Grind the raw nuts to form a powder (it does not need to be absolutely fine) and then put this into a jar, which is at least twice the volume of the nuts. Pour rejuvelac over the cashew powder, so that it is covered. Extra rejuvelac can be drunk or thrown away. The whole mixture will now ferment and grow, so if the jar is too small it can overflow. Cover the jar lightly so that it’s not airtight.

After about 6 – 8 hours, the cheese is ready. Mix well and roll together. Add salt, pepper and herbs or other seasonings. Mix again. Serve or store in the refrigerator. This will last in the refrigerator for at least 10 days.

Ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches, baked or grilled chilli cheese toast and baked dishes or even just as a spread on toast.


You can make different tasting cheeses by fermenting different substances

  • Instead of cashew nuts, try soaked almonds/sesame/sunflower seeds/other nuts for stronger and different tasting cheeses.
  • Tofu – tofu is blended with rejuvelac and allowed to stay outside for 8 – 24 hours. Add salt and herbs if desired. This is a great substitute for ricotta cheese.


This recipe uses many nuts. Please keep your nut limit in mind if you are working on disease reversal.

Serves 2-3


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