Health without medicines

Modern medicine emphasises the immediate relief of symptoms. This is certainly life saving in emergencies, but more ordinary diseases may benefit more from another approach.

The body and the mind act in unison. Physical symptoms may indicate the state of mind or vice versa.  Medical intervention should take into consideration the whole rather than isolated parts. This would be a holistic approach to maintaining good health. By reconditioning ourselves to connect to our minds and bodies, we can prevent disease and cure ourselves of any ailments we may have.

“Our body is always acting in self-preservation, and speaks to us through symptoms. Symptoms indicate that there is a problem and that we should take action to remove the cause. For example, a back pain that limits a movement may be the body’s way of saying that that particular movement is harmful. Taking painkillers rather than avoiding the movement may cause the condition to become chronic. Similar logic applies to almost all diseases. Getting rid of a symptom temporarily, without getting to the root of problem will cause future complications.  The healing power is inherent in the body. When disease occurs, the body makes every effort to regain ease, that is health. ” –  Dr. Joel Kreisberg, Teleosis Institute

Our health programmes focus on strengthening this innate healing consciousness in participants.  No medicines, no surgery, no gimmicks, no expensive supplements, no imported or extraordinary foods—we just concentrate on giving simple, scientific information, tips and practices about what to avoid, besides teaching you how to prepare food to retain more fibre and nutrition.

The goal of SHARAN’s health seminars and workshops is to empower people to make the right food choices and take responsibility for their own health. Our seminars expose the effects of choosing the wrong foods, teach the basics of nutrition, and demystify common health myths. Participants are inspired and empowered to make healthy food choices, resulting in positive long-term changes to their well-being.

How to get started

Peas Vs Pills is a workshop designed and presented by a doctor to help you reclaim responsibility for your own health and prevent and reverse illness, through the understanding of human anatomy, physiology and nature’s laws. You will learn to listen to your body and respond accordingly.  SHARAN can also customise the workshop for corporate groups according to their needs.

If you would like to learn more before committing to the full day seminar, meet the SHARAN doctors, chat with other persons like you, who have fully or partially reversed their disease, and also taste the kind of food that you would be eating on this system, you could join us at our next vegan lunch.


Intensive health retreats

We also conduct an intensive immersion programme from time to time to demonstrate how to reverse disease, become one’s own doctor and lead a healthier and happier life.  The residential retreats last between 1 to 3 weeks and allow participants to experience the positive changes of a plant-based diet for themselves. Besides sumptuous health meals having delicious, whole, plant foods without counting calories , the daily programme includes:

  • Health checkups
  • Yoga and pranayama with resident teachers
  • Theory and experiential sessions
  • Interactive cooking classes
  • Meditation and Yog Nidra
  • Private consultations
  • Art therapy with a resident artist
  • Exercise, games, walks, swimming, fun
  • Films on health and wellbeing

There are other optional activities like a free Ayurvedic massage per person.


Personalised lifestyle consultations

Personalised attention and support goes a long way in facilitating lifestyle and diet changes with people who are putting healthy practices in place and trying to sustain them.

SHARAN offers telephone and online consultations with our doctors and lifestyle advisors. We have many different packages working towards different aims, whether it is reversing a disease or simply sustaining a healthy and compassionate vegan diet.

Learn more about our consultation options.


If you are already following our system, you could attend a support group meeting in your city to meet with the SHARAN doctors as well as other participants, share notes, get questions answered and help motivate each others’ progress. You could also organise a support group meeting in your city. Or you could get personalised support by consulting with us over the telephone.

SHARAN operates a library in Mumbai from where our programme participants borrow books related to health and nutrition.

We have a collection of delicious and wholesome vegan recipes that will help you transform your kitchen into a healthy one. We also offer demonstrations and classes in whole food, plant-based cooking. You can organise a demonstration or class for a group or in your home. The cooking classes will help you convert knowledge of what you can eat into cooking techniques that you can use to modify your own recipes so you can still eat most of the foods you love.

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