SHARAN has a team of doctors, nutritionists and health coaches who offer holistic nutrition based consultations in person, over the Internet (Skype) or on the phone.

Anyone interested in preventing or reversing diseases and leading a healthy lifestyle is welcome. Individualised consultations help in maintaining general good health, reversing diabetes or hypertension and other lifestyle diseases and reducing and finally getting off medicines completely. Personalised attention and support can be beneficial in sustaining the lifestyle and dietary changes.

Our consultations are thorough, require time and patience, and will teach you to be your own best doctor. Many of our patients stop needing us once the consultations are completed. Our main aim is to make you free from medicines and doctors and heal you completely.

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If you need any help in choosing a package or selecting the best type of consultation for your needs, please call: +91 9167572123 or write to

SHARAN offers medical and nutritional consultations by well trained and qualified practitioners:

What is SHARAN’s approach?

We recommend dietary changes that not only reverse the disease you are struggling with, but also get rid of other health problems, improve your immune system and prevent several other diseases in the future. At times, these changes can seem difficult, but they can be soon internalised, made to be enjoyable, and positive effects keep you motivated forever. It is not necessary to make all the changes right away, you can start with as much as is possible for you to do, and keep improving as you progress. There are various options of the level of support that you can choose from.

What will I receive?

  • An explanation of the cause of your disease and how to reverse it.
  • Guidance about how to reduce and stop medications as required.
  • Custom menu plan based on your eating habits, likes & dislikes.
  • Special tips on how to cook, where to shop, how to do lab tests, etc.
  • Extra tips on how to get more information from our website, whenever needed.
  • Detailed answers to your own personal questions.
  • Other tips based on your current health condition and requirements.
  • More information about SHARAN events and work.

What are the long-term benefits for me?

  • Weight loss
  • Prevention and reversal of many diseases.
  • Empowerment to heal yourself and rely less on doctors and medications.
  • Ability to advise your friends and family members about how to heal themselves.

We would also advise you to join us for a one day seminar, cooking classes or one of our longer retreats. These help reinforce what you have learnt and inspire you to go further. It’s not possible to cover all the important facts in a personal consultation, and the more you learn the more you will be inspired to stick to your healthy lifestyle.

What documents should I send?

Please download, fill up completely and email the following documents together to . These should be all in a single email or consecutive emails.

Do not send individual items in separate emails on different days.

  1. SHARAN Consultation Form. (Fill and send as word document only) Download
  2. SHARAN Consent Form. Download
  3. All your Test and lab reports.

If you need any help please call: +91 9167572123.

What Lab Reports should I send?

Essential Lab Reports (These are all blood tests)

  • CBC, ESR
  • Liver Function tests
  • Kidney function tests
  • Lipid profile
  • Thyroid function tests
  • Homocysteine, Vit B12 and Vit D
  • HbA1c

Conditional Reports

  • Blood Pressure (for all adults).
  • Fasting Blood Sugar and PPBS if you have Diabetes.
  • Routine Stool (if relevant)
  • Routine Urine (if relevant)
  • ECG (if relevant)
  • All other test reports that you may have.