SHARAN has a team of doctors, nutritionists, health coaches and a psychologist who offer holistic nutrition based consultations in person, over the Internet (Skype) or on the phone.

Anyone interested in preventing or reversing diseases and leading a healthy lifestyle is welcome. Individualised consultations help in maintaining general good health, reversing diabetes or hypertension and other lifestyle diseases and reducing and finally getting off medicines completely. Personalised attention and support can be beneficial in sustaining the lifestyle and dietary changes.

Our consultations are thorough, require time and patience, and will teach you to be your own best doctor. Many of our patients stop needing us once the consultations are completed. Our main aim is to make you free from medicines and doctors and heal you completely.

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If you need any help in choosing a package or selecting the best type of consultation for your needs, Please call +91 9167572123 between 10am – 6pm IST Mon – Friday or write to

Please choose the option that best describes you.

* Return Consultations are for those who have already taken consultations with SHARAN or largely following SHARAN guidelines.