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    SHARAN/My son and I defeated the corona virus

My son and I defeated the corona virus

Neelima Sriram

“On 3rd June, my 21 year old son Aditya tested positive for Covid 19.
He had been working 12 hour shifts practically every day at office. He was aware of the possibility of exposing himself to the virus but wanted to support his fellow employees. He would come home for lunch and share stories about everyone being fearful of the pandemic. It was difficult for him to stay in such a negative environment when he was trying to push back the same thoughts.

After a few days, he started feeling heavily lethargic, and decided to take a break. An avid believer of food being either one’s poison or medicine, I encouraged him to go on a raw food diet and put him on a juice cleanse. Meanwhile, I was feeling anxious and got him tested for Corona virus. He was positive. The anxiety came in waves, but it slowly settled down as I noticed that his symptoms were very mild.

Within four days he started feeling better, and then I tested positive! My symptoms too were mild and lasted less than 4 days. Throughout this experience I was also quite busy at work, but Dr Nandita kept reassuring me that just rest and good food would help pull us through.

And it worked! We took no medicines at all and it was only food that healed us. My faith in a plant-based diet to keep my family and me safe and immune, is stronger than ever!”– Neelima Sriram, July 2020


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