Weight Release

Excess weight is often a precursor to many health and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, etc.  It is best to work on resolving the weight issue first and prevent any other complications that may occur as a result.

Chronic weight gain and obesity can be a complex health issue involving not only what we eat but how, why, when and how much we eat.  Other factors are lack of exercise and a dysfunctional relationship with our body and what we eat. These are influenced by a variety of factors like our beliefs, emotions, conditioning, habits, other people and circumstances.  These factors can often derail our best laid plans and intentions when it comes to shedding weight.

Our weight release approach

Years of research and data suggest that, for most people diets don’t work in the long term, the reason being that diets are based on short-term deprivation of calories, which ultimately leads to feelings of guilt and inadequacy.  A much better approach is to examine the causes of excess weight in the first place and work to eliminate those through awareness and developing a healthy relationship with our body and food.

At SHARAN we take a holistic view of excess weight and address it from several angles:

  1. We work on changing your beliefs and knowledge to being more fact-based and holistic.
  2. We teach you how to manage emotional eating and negative thought processes.
  3. We help you examine and challenge your conditioning.
  4. We support you in changing your habits to those that will benefit your health.
  5. We help you identify and address the circumstances that may be leading to unhealthy lifestyle patterns.
  6. We coach you to get in touch with your body’s intuitive wisdom and learn to listen to it.
  7. We inspire you to adopt and fall in love with a healthier lifestyle.

We believe that it is not that the weight clings to us but that we hold on to it. Therefore, we practice the concept of “releasing” weight effortlessly and with awareness.  Some important tools that we teach are: mindful eating, hunger awareness, balancing indiscretions, understanding packaging labels, developing healthy habits, dealing with cravings and irregular schedules.

In short, you will be able to lose weight while eating according to hunger which makes the weight release process a sustainable lifestyle and not a diet.

Several of our health advisors can help with weight loss. Please enroll for consultations and we will put you in touch with the best advisor for you. In some cities we have weight loss groups which may be better than individual consultations since you will have the support of the group. This will be listed in our events listing.


If you are already following our system, you could attend a support group meeting in your city to meet with the SHARAN doctors as well as other participants, share notes, get questions answered and help motivate each others’ progress. You could also organise a support group meeting in your city. Or you could get personalised support by consulting with us over the telephone.

SHARAN operates a library in Mumbai from where our programme participants borrow books related to health and nutrition.

We have a collection of delicious and wholesome vegan recipes that will help you transform your kitchen into a healthy one. We also offer demonstrations and classes in whole food, plant-based cooking. You can organise a demonstration or class for a group or in your home. The cooking classes will help you convert knowledge of nutrition and what you can eat into cooking techniques that you can use to modify your own recipes so you can still eat most of the foods you love.