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Whole Plant-Based Basics Cooking Online Certificate Course

Here’s a perfect course to understand the techniques and nuances of healthy cooking. Everything from setting up your kitchen (home or professional), meal planning, techniques to empower you to cook your favourite dishes without the use of oil , sugar or dairy. We will cover all the basics of Plant-based cuisine, including yogurt, cheese, butter and much more.

Do you want to eat right in order to get healthy again? How do you set up your kitchen for health? How to cook delicious food without oil or make desserts without sugar? What should you eat in every meal? How can you learn techniques that will get you started to make anything that you like in a healthy without spending too much time? Learn to make your own plant based yoghurts, cheese and more!

This course is for:

  1. Professionals: Whole food plant based diet is considered a food trend for 2020, and if you’re a restauranteur, chef or a culinary student, this is especially a great course for you to get acquainted with the basics of plant based cuisine, cooked with only whole ingredients.
  2. Anyone looking to get healthier. We have had people from all walks of life, who are keen to make the shift in their diet to get healthier for themselves, make a positive impact on the environment and animal welfare.

The SHARAN Basic Online Cooking Certificate Course is a prerecorded program that will take 2- 4 hours to view. You will have it for 30 days from the time of registration so that you can view and review whenever you like. This will enable you to understand, practice, and perfect the techniques of healthy whole plant-based cooking that is oil-free, sugar- free and dairy-free, so that you truly enjoy eating healthy. At the end of the program you will receive a Certificate when you fill in the feedback form.

Here is the short video describing about this program

NOTE: Incase after registration, you do not receive an email from us, please check your spam. If you have any problems email info@sharan-india.org with details.

Course begins immediately on registration

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