Jaishree Kannan

Jaishree Kannan, a qualified counsellor and a social worker was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2007, followed by a relapse within 9 months, which made her look at an integrated and holistic approach to finding a way back to health.

On one of her low days during chemotherapy, a visiting friend lent her a book – You can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. She flipped the pages and came upon the chapter intriguingly named Inner Child. A few lines in were all that were needed for her to finish the book in a single sitting. In that instant when she put down the book, she knew she could heal herself and triumph over cancer.

Jaishree from that day decided to work on healing all aspects of her life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and has never looked back. She set out on a raw plant based diet as advocated by the author and started researching the subject. This led her to SHARAN which introduced her to health workshops, cooking classes, books and resources, and most of all, strengthened her belief that she could heal herself.

As part of this journey, she completed an NLP Practitioner course, an Inner child Therapist course and trained to become a ‘HEAL YOUR LIFE’ workshop leader. Her foray into emotional and spiritual healing led her to courses in yoga and meditation, the Art of living foundation and the rich world of Vedanta learnings.

In the ten years since, Jaishree has reached out to many people through her workshops, individual counselling and therapy sessions. As a wellness coach and cancer coach she helps people to connect with themselves and become aware of their own strength and healing power. She now conducts cooking classes, talks, book readings and even the Six Weeks to Health & Weight Loss program with SHARAN.

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