Diabetes reversal

Do you have diabetes? Would you like to reduce or eliminate your need
for medication, lose weight, improve your cholesterol levels, and start
living again?

Here is how we can help you –

* 21-Day Online Diabetes Reversal Program

With this 21-day pre-recorded online program you can learn how to reverse diabetes and accompanying lifestyle diseases in a step by step manner. All you need is to devote a half to one hour every day towards learning and practicing, and soon it will become a habit. This is ideal for those who have recently got diabetes or prediabetes and are not on many medications as it does not have live doctor’s support.

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* 3-Months Personalized Health Gain Program

This is a personalised consultation with our medical consultants and is ideal for those who are on multiple medications.

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* Reversing Diabetes Book (English & Gujarati)

Dr Nandita Shah’s book Reversing Diabetes in 21-Days has been Amazon’s #1 best-seller list for Endocrinology and for good reason. This has all the information that you need to reverse diabetes. This is a low cost option and is best for people who want to understand this process in great detail and who are self motivated and result oriented.

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From time to time we also have webinars about diabetes reversal.

What does it mean to reverse diabetes?

Most diabetics find themselves on the road to gradually increasing
weight, slowly rising blood sugar levels, higher doses of medication, and
worsening complications.

Reversing diabetes means reversing this trend. Blood glucose values
that have kept rising month after month can begin to come down very
quickly. Doses of medication that have risen again and again can come
down too. Symptoms such as neuropathy—nerve pains in the feet and
legs—can improve and even disappear. Severe weight problems can be
tackled, and even heart disease can be reversed.

Scientific and safe

The programme for diabetes reversal is based on the research. Our
disease reversal recommendations involve dietary and lifestyle changes
only. If you have registered for a consultation or the 3 Month Health Gain
Plan, your progress is monitored by the medical doctors at SHARAN, so
you can be completely assured of safety. Hence, the only side effects,
are good ones! You are likely to lose weight and your health and energy
levels will improve as well.

Why is it important to reverse diabetes?

Diabetes has severe complications – loss of energy, neuropathy, loss of
eyesight, glaucoma, kidney failure, impotency in men, complications in
pregnancy for women, frequent infections, heart disease, obesity,
gangrene. When diabetes gets reversed many of these can be reversed.

Type II Diabetes

This is almost always reversible.

Type I Diabetes

In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin, so typically
insulin has to be taken for life. However, we have even seen dramatic
improvements in these patients in terms of reduction of the amount of
insulin required, and many have reversed completely.