Diabetes reversal

Do you have diabetes? Would you like to reduce or eliminate your need for medication, lose weight, improve your cholesterol levels, and start living again?

What does it mean to reverse diabetes?

Most diabetics find themselves on the road to gradually increasing weight, slowly rising blood sugar levels, higher doses of medication, and worsening complications.

Reversing diabetes means reversing this trend. Blood glucose values that have kept rising month after month can begin to come down very quickly. Doses of medication that have risen again and again can come down too. Symptoms such as neuropathy—nerve pains in the feet and legs—can improve and even disappear. Severe weight problems can be tackled, and even heart disease can reverse.

Scientific and safe

The programme for diabetes reversal is based on the research of Dr. Neal Barnard, MD, Adjunct Assocate Professor of Medicine at George Washington University of Medicine and President of the non-profit Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine. This research was published in several peer-reviewed medical journals such as Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Medicine, etc and it culminated in the book “Dr. Neal Barnard’s Programme for Reversing Diabetes” (Rodale Publishing).

Our disease reversal recommendations involve dietary and lifestyle changes only. They involve no medicines or drugs other than those prescribed by your doctor. Your progress is monitored by the medical doctors at SHARAN, and by your own personal doctor/diabetician as well if you prefer, so you can be completely assured of safety.  Hence, the only side effects, if one can call them that, are good ones! You are likely to lose weight with the disease reversal programmes, especially if you are overweight to begin with. And your health and energy levels will improve as well.

Why is it important to reverse diabetes?

Diabetes has severe complications – loss of energy, neuropathy, loss of eyesight, glaucoma, kidney failure, impotency in men, complications in pregnancy for women, frequent infections, heart disease, obesity, gangrene. When diabetes gets reversed many of these can reverse.

Type II Diabetes

This is almost always reversible.

Type I Diabetes

In Type 1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce insulin, so typically insulin has to be taken for life.  However, we have even seen dramatic improvements in these patients in terms of reduction of the amount of insulin required, and many have reversed completely.

How to get started

Our primary programme for diabetes reversal is a one-day life-saving seminar. We call it life-saving because our experience with participants has been that the programme and its follow-up does completely reverse the building up of disease and change their lives.


If you can’t attend the seminar or can’t wait for it, and want to start now, you can register for the 21 day online diabetes reversal program, or register for a personalised consultation with our doctor, who will study your case and work out a programme for you to follow. You can also learn how to reverse diabetes from SHARAN founder Dr Nandita Shah’s book Reversing Diabetes in 21 Days You can choose how much support you need—various options are available starting from a few basic consultancy sessions to a complete package.


If you have already attended any of our programmes and are following our system, you could attend a support group meeting in your city to meet with the SHARAN doctors as well as other participants, share notes, get questions answered and help motivate each others’ progress. You could also organise a support group meeting in your city. Or you could get personalised support by consulting with us over the telephone.

SHARAN operates a library in Mumbai from where our programme participants borrow books related to health and nutrition.

We have a collection of delicious and wholesome vegan recipes that will help you transform your kitchen into a healthy one. We also offer demonstrations and classes in whole food, plant-based cooking. You can organise a demonstration or class for a group or in your home. The cooking classes will help you convert knowledge of sugar control and what you can eat into cooking techniques that you can use to modify your own recipes so you can still eat most of the foods you love.

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