Vegan products

Here are some examples of vegan/organic products available in the Indian market. Once you start examining ingredient labels on the products available in your local supermarket, you’ll be surprised to learn how many products are actually vegan!


  • 24mantra ORGANIC (organic and vegan products; newly launched vegan-organic cookies)
  • Arshi Food Products (Delivers soya paneer / tofu all over Mumbai) Tel. 9820770101
  • Aurosoya (vegan products like tofu, smoked tofu, vegan muesli, soya milk and some cakes)
  • Bagrry’s sells No added Sugar, Crunchy Muesli
  • Beginnings Breakfast Cereals from Pristine Organics
  • Coconess (100% pure cold pressed virgin coconut, available in stores across Bangalore – Buffalo Back in Malleswaram, Food Hall in 1 MG Road, Carrots in koramangala,  Grameena Angadi, and Ojas Nisarga in Gandhi bazaar)
  • Dakini Health Foods (Sesame butter (tahini), sunflower butter, peanut butter, cashew butter, almond butter and other products are available all over Mumbai)
  • Godrej Nature’s Basket (Order vegetarian delicatessen online in Mumbai; Shop for all types of vegetarian delicacies)
  • Goodot (vegan mock meet)
  • Hangyo Pvt Ltd  (Vegan Icre cream) – Tel: +91-9845577904
  • i2cook (peanut butter, mustard and coconut sugar are vegan available in stores across Bangalore including Fresh Earth, Sara Organics and Greenlife)
  • JUS’ AMAZIN Seed Butter – Vegan butter packed with great nutritional benefits. – Tel: 7899737378.
  • Kanti sweets sells vegan burfis (the figs burfi and dates burfi are vegan)
  • Karen Anand of Karen’s Gourmet Kitchen, Pune (various sauces which are vegan and cholesterol free, like Whole Grain Mustard, Pizza Sauce, Italian Pasta Sauce, Spicy Mexican Sauce, Szechwan Sauce, Morrocan Hot Harissa Sauce)
  • Khandige (organic food products like spices and spice powders, coconut oil, sesame oil, jaggery and ayurvedic health and beauty products available at Namdhari Fresh stores, Jaivik Krishik Society and Spencer’s) Contact: Sudhakar Karanth – Tel. 26714599
  • Mamma Mia Sorbets (completely vegan)
  • Nature Bazaar (promotes an environmentally friendly lifestyle featuring organic and eco-friendly products and services. It moves to a new location after every 4 Sundays). Contact Smita by Tel. 98202 99324 or Email:
  • Nisarga Foods (Papad, ragi, rice and wheat flours; foxtail, little and pearl millet; 9 varieties of rice, spices, dals, jaggery, linseed, raisin, sesame, groundnuts, castor oil, groundnut oil, upma and idli mixes. Their products are available at Jaivik Krishik Society and Avani Organic)
  • ProNature (ProNature produces organic staples like flours (atta/besan/soya/ragi) beaten rice, puffed rice, sooji/rava, daliya (broken wheat), pulses like tur dhal, moong, urad, kala channa, channa, etc, spice and masala powders, sugar and jaggery. All products are certified organic. These are available at MK Retail, Namdhari’s Fresh and Spar) Tel: 3298 3773. Contact: Varun Gupta, Tel. 9341974822.
  • SHARAN (we produce a range of vegan products including vegan Boursin, a fresh herb and garlic cheese, plain cashew cheese, oil-free hummus, red pepper hummus, and chocolate mousse. Available only in Auroville—Farm Fresh and Foodlink, and at most Saturday markets)
  • Sofit Soy Milk
  • Staeta Soy Milk / ProSoya
  • The Eco Trunk: Online store for organic foods and personal care products.
  • Taantraa Cakes (Vegan organic cakes in five flavours, Dry Fruits, Wheatgrass, Spices)
  • Vegan Chocolate (contact Sharmila Bafna: 9880194723)
  • Vegan Chocolate (Mumbai)—contact Ashish Nayyar: 022 22042464
  • Vegan Curd, Andheri West (Healthy dairy free, vegan curd)—contact Dulari Shah : 022 26701787, Mobile: 9969969961, Delivery once a week on advance order

Snacks and biscuits

SHARAN advocates a whole plant based diet as its the healthiest. However, if you are vegan for ethical reasons, here are some examples of biscuits and snacks widely available in India which you may be surprised to learn are vegan (they contain no animal products). Sometimes ingredients change, so do check labels before buying.

  • Coconut (Parle)
  • Hide & Seek (Parle)
  • Nimkin (Parle)
  • Sixer Salted (Parle)
  • Milk-Ma Butter biscuits (Despite, the name these biscuits contain no milk products and are vegan! -But the other biscuits produced by Ma are not vegan.)
  • Bagels & Bakes make vegan muffins (chocolate fugde, chocolate chip and raisin bran) and chocolate fudge cake. Available at Namdhari Fresh outlets.
  • Naturo 100% Natural Fruit Bars (Available in mango, apple, orange, strawberry and guava.)
  • Choco Bon Bon: available in different fruit flavours at Namdhari Fresh outlets.
  • Kaccha Mango Bite (Parle)

Clothing and accessories

  • Ahinsa Store (Cruelty-free footwear, cosmetics, food and personal care products are available)
  • Bata (Many of the shoes and sandals sold here are made with fake leather)
  • Baggit (offers a stylish range of cruelty-free ‘no leather’ bags and footwear)
  • Eco Wings (Eco friendly and upcycled products like laptop bags, wallets, pen stand, Notebooks, Pouches are available.)
  • Ethik (Non – leather Footwear and accessories like belts wallets and bags)
  • Ghatkopar Cloth Stores (Vegan saarees approved by PETA) Tel: 022 2501 3476.
  • Gowma ( Leather substitute bags, wallets and footwear)
  • Handbags & Co (Ethically crafted handbags which have no animal skin, feather or fur.) Tel: 9821558505
  • Ladida Cruelty Free Handbags (Non leather bags)
  • Myarture (Non – Leather Wallets and handbags for men and women are available). Tel:  9884103711 /
  • Puma—Non Leather Athletic Trainers (High-quality non-leather athletic trainers)
  • Ragesh Mastercrafts (Cruelty-free natural fiber footwear)
  • Senso Vegetarian (100% animal free fabrication, latest and best craftsmanship, the thread that is used to make their products is vegetarian)
  • The Eco Trunk: Online store for organic foods and personal care products.

Beauty and health care products

  • Art of Living store (Natural handmade soap , hair oil, face wash and body care lotion)
  • Ahinsa Store (Cruelty-free footwear, cosmetics, food and personal care products are available)
  • Biotique (Huge range of vegan skin moisturizer, sun protective, fairness, eye and lip care, shampoo, hair conditioner, shaving cream)
  • Brillare Science (Natural chemical free personal care products and therapy)
  • Burst of Happyness (Vegan, natural and chemical free homemade bath soap, facial cleansers, shampoo bar, lip balm made from scratch using luxurious oils, butter and essential oils)
  • Calify Shampoo (99.8% vegetable derived premium ingredients) For details and oder Tel: 9953980203
  • Camelia’s: (Natural &  handmade bath & body goodies, scrubs, creams, hair masks, foot soaks are available.) for order / query Emai:
  • Dear Earth (Organic vegan handmade soap)  Tel: 022 28572244
  • Disguise (100% Vegan & cruelty free lipstick available)
  • Forest Essentials (Natural handmade soaps, base oil, bath & shower oil, body lotion, massage oil, face cleansers, lip balm, moisturizers, eye care, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner and fragrance) Tel: 22 40174633
  • Inatur (Natural, vegan, organic skin care, hair & Wellness products are available) Tel: +91 9891089000, +91 11 40508131
  • Lotus Herbals (Organic skin cleanser, face wash, toners, moisturizers, sun proctor, lip & eye care, body lotion, cleansing bar, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner) Tel: 120 3101351
  • Lush India (Vegan handmade soap, face wash, shaving cream, sun protective cream, hair oil and shampoo / Products marked with a green ‘V’ contain no animal products and have not been tested on animals)
  • Mooi Naturals (100% Natural,USDA certified & Organic ingredients, no synthetic fragrances, no Artificial colors, no animal testing body care, hair and baby care products are available) Tel: +91 9632200177
  • Muhenera (24 varieties of Handmade Organic Soaps)
  • Natureslap (Naturally made soap, hair oil, toothpowder & paste) Tel: 9919769079, 9721247506, 8858593753
  • Neev Herbal Handmade Soaps (Herbal soaps, hair oil, hand washes, massage oils)
  • Nirvaaha (Organic hair oil, shampoo, skin moisturizer, almond oil, rose water, massage and essential oil)
  • Omved Store (100% natural face cleanser, moisturizer, toner, scrubs, serums, lip balm, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, foot scrub, foot oil, vegan handmade gifts)
  • Puro’s (Herbal handmade soap, body wash, lip balm, hand & body lotion, hair massage oil, cleanser, moisturizer, conditioner, face moisturizer, toner, wash, scrub, body splash)  Tel: 9821122495, 9820395557
  • Raw Nature (Organic handmade bath soap, body wash, massage oil, body lotion, face wash, lip balm, hair oil, shampoo) Tel: 88793 68359
  • Rustic Art (Organic handmade bath soap, body wash, massage oil, body lotion, face wash, lip balm, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, menstrual cup) Tel: 8308456956
  • Soulflower (Organic handmade soap, massage oil and hair care products) Tel: 22-42731239
  • Surya Brasil (Organic hair coloring, color fixation, shampoo and lip care products)
  • The Eco Trunk: Online store for organic foods and personal care products.
  • The Nature’s Co (Completely vegan, with no animal ingredients. They do not test on animals and also ensure that their vendors follow the same policy; vegan and natural bath soaps, body lotion, massage oil, face wash and cleanser, hair oil, cleanser, conditioner and toothpaste)
  • Vegetarian Shop (100% Natural soaps, massage oil, face cleanser, hair oil, toothpaste) Tel: 022 25 600400 (11 am – 7 pm)
  • Verdure Vegan Fragrances (Vegan in every way. 100% cruelty free) Tel: 9821803123, Email:
  • Vicco (Naturally made tooth paste, face wash, skin cream, hair oil, shaving cream)

View a list of 50 beauty brands that are cruelty-free and ALL made in India!

Cleaners and Home Care products

  • Krya (Organic detergent for washing clothes)
  • Natureslap (Naturally made insect repellent) Tel: 9919769079, 9721247506, 8858593753
  • Nirvaaha (Organic insect repellent)
  • Energy Home (Herbal Mosquito repellent) Tel: 8590211102
  • Rustic Art (Organic detergent for washing clothes) Tel: 8308456956
  • Vanastree (Organic detergent, insect repellent) Tel: 94802 65616

For pets

  • Aestra (100% pure vegetarian pet food) Tel: 7498244844
  • Benevo (Organic vegan pet foods)
  • Rustic Art (Organic pet soap) Tel: 8308456956