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Vegan Lifestyle Products

Here are some examples of vegan/organic products available in the Indian market. Once you start examining ingredient labels on the products available in your local supermarket, you’ll be surprised to learn how many products are actually vegan!

Clothing and accessories

  • Bata (Many of the shoes and sandals sold here are made with faux leather)
  • Baggit (Offers a stylish range of cruelty-free ‘no leather’ bags and footwear)
  • Corkiza (Belts and wallets made by corks)
  • Ethik (Non-leather footwear and accessories like belts wallets and bags)
  • Ghatkopar Cloth Stores, Ghatkopar, Mumbai (Vegan sarees approved by PETA) Tel: 022 2501 3476.
  • Gowma (Leather substitute bags, wallets and footwear)
  • Handbags & Co (Ethically crafted handbags which have no animal skin, feather or fur) Tel: 9821558505
  • Myarture (Non – Leather Wallets and handbags for men and women are available) Tel:  9884103711 / info@myarture.com

Beauty and health care products

  • Biotique (Huge range of vegan skin moisturisers, sun protectives, eye and lip care, shampoos, hair conditioners, shaving creams)
  • Disguise (100% vegan & cruelty free lipstick available)
  • Forest Essentials (Natural handmade soaps, base oils, bath & shower oil, body lotion, massage oil, face cleansers, lip balm, moisturisers, eye care, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner and fragrance) Tel: 22 40174633
  • Inatur (Natural, vegan, organic skin care, hair & wellness products) Tel: +91 9891089000, +91 11 40508131
  • Naadi Organics (Essential oils, cold pressed soaps, clays and spices) Tel: 9597475226
  • Neev Herbal Handmade Soaps (Herbal soaps, hair oil, hand washes, massage oils)
  • Raw Nature (Organic handmade bath soap, body wash, massage oil, body lotion, face wash, lip balm, hair oil, shampoo) Tel: 88793 68359
  • Rustic Art (Organic handmade bath soap, body wash, massage oil, body lotion, face wash, lip balm, hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, menstrual cup) Tel: 8308456956
  • The Nature’s Co (Completely vegan, with no animal ingredients. They do not test on animals and also ensure that their vendors follow the same policy; vegan and natural bath soaps, body lotion, massage oil, face wash and cleanser, hair oil, cleanser, conditioner and toothpaste)
  • Verdure Vegan Fragrances (Vegan in every way. 100% cruelty free) Tel: 9821803123, Email: info@verdurefragrance.com
  • Vicco (Naturally made tooth paste, face wash, skin cream, hair oil, shaving cream)

View a list of 50 beauty brands that are cruelty-free and ALL made in India!

Cleaners and Home Care products

  • Borngood (Eco-friendly, cruelty free, plant-based cleaners) Tel: +91 7539987773
  • Krya (Organic detergent for washing clothes)
  • Energy Home (Herbal Mosquito repellent) Tel: 8590211102
  • Rustic Art (Organic detergent for washing clothes) Tel: 8308456956
  • Vanastree (Organic detergent, insect repellent) Tel: 94802 65616

For pets

  • Aestra (100% pure vegetarian pet food) Tel: 7498244844
  • Benevo (Organic vegan pet foods)
  • Rustic Art (Organic pet soap) Tel: 8308456956

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