Using the recipes

A vegan diet is already a very healthy choice, but by cutting out sugar and oil you are even more kind to your body. This is especially important if you’re trying to reverse a disease. To make it easier for you to find the recipes without oil or sugar, we have highlighted them with **.

These recipes have been written with Indians in mind. A search for vegan recipes on the internet yields an amazing selection, which are perfect for Europe, USA and Australia/ New Zealand, but here in India many of the ingredients are not available. However we do have our own share of different, healthy, locally grown vegan ingredients.

Some of the recipes have been converted from American recipes and some others have been substituted with what are easily available here.

It’s easy to measure dry ingredients but it’s hard to fix an exact quantity on vegetables and fruits whose sizes vary. For instance, a medium sized onion in India would be a small one in the US or jaggery varies in sweetness and so on. Please use these recipes creatively and not mathematically. Please do not stick to the quantities given in the recipes. Taste the food as you make it and add and subtract to the recipes as it suits your taste.

Please email your feedback as well as your favourite healthy, vegan recipes to us.