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Using the recipes

A vegan diet is already a healthy choice, but by cutting out sugar and oil you are even more kind to your body. This is especially important if you’re trying to reverse a disease.

These recipes have been collated and curated with a lot of care and consideration. Each one has been tested, retested, rewritten and sampled before making its way here. Dishes which were always plant-based are now whole-food and therefore healthier. Others, which are traditionally made with meat, fish, eggs or dairy have been veganised. While doing so, we have not compromised on the taste that you have been used to.

We have included much-loved recipes from India and across the world. Special care has been taken to ensure that locally available ingredients are used in all, even the global dishes. Processed ingredients are rarely and minimally used.

It’s easy to measure dry ingredients but it’s hard to fix an exact quantity on vegetables and fruits whose sizes vary. For instance, a medium-sized onion in India would be a small/large one elsewhere or dates/jaggery vary in sweetness depending on their place of origin. Therefore, please use these recipes creatively and not mathematically. Taste the food as you make it, and add to or subtract from the recipes as it suits your taste.

Please email your feedback as well as your favourite healthy, vegan recipes to us on info@sharan-india.org



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