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Travelling Vegan

Where/how to travel?

  • A Taste of Health – Vegan Travel aboard a Healthy Caribbean Cruise
    To meet the needs of the vegan travel community, Holistic Holiday at Sea has developed an educational vegan cruise program. Aboard our vegan cruise, guests get to experience three vegan meals each day and have the opportunity to attend over one hundred classes, workshops and lectures covering a variety of vegan and holistic health topics and activities.
  • Eat Well On-board
    Most airlines – such as American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and Continental Airlines – offer a wide variety of special request meals for long distance flights included in the airfare price. These meals may range from Western Vegetarian which may contain eggs and/or dairy, though usually means vegan, Vegan, Asian Vegetarian, to a Fruit Plate meal.
  • Green Earth Travel
    As a longtime vegan herself, Donna Zeigfinger has spent nearly fifteen years personally working with chefs from around the world on making delicious food an integral part of Green Earth Travel’s trip planning services.
  • Responsible Travel
    Sometimes vegetarians and vegans can struggle to find decent food while travelling. Well fret no more! Here’s a hand-picked selection of responsible tour operators, accommodations, and special interest courses that cater for vegetarians and vegans alike! Enjoy!
  • Travel Love Repeat
    We are proud vegans and through our company, we plan to be the world’s most ethical travel curators who inspire eco-conscious travellers to re-connect with the environment and to become its responsible guardians.
  • Vegan on the Map
    Vegan tours and retreats around the world, veganonthemap offer a wide range of destinations. Do you have energy for active adventure, prefer cultural exploration or just relaxing besides a cool lake. They have a page for every country in the world, with maps and links to vegan resources, events and animal sanctuaries.
  • VegiVentures
    Amazing natural health holidays, in Britain, Turkey, Peru, and the Caribbean, with great vegetarian/vegan food cooked especially for the group. Relaxing holidays, hill walking, activity holidays, creativity weekends, low cost breaks, special discounts for helpers. Vegetarian travel tips and links.
  • VegVoyages
    A Vegan Adventure Tours company specializing in select Asian countries where you will get to not only visit the “must see” sights, but also make sure to spend plenty of time well off the beaten “tourist trail” – giving you the opportunity to gain real insight into the region’s culture, history and heritage. The main focus is cultural immersion, local interaction, and of course, eating plenty of tasty vegan food along the way!
  • VRG (The Vegetarian Resource Group)
    Links to vegetarian bed and breakfasts, camps, communities, and tours.
  • Vegan Sailing
    Vegan Sailing is dedicated to providing you and yours with the Sailing Vacation of your dreams. Ideal for 1 loving couple.  Cruise throughout the American and British Virgin Islands while getting served a deliciously prepared low-fat Whole-Foods, Plant Based nutrition.
  • Vegan River Cruises
    These vegan cruises offer so much more for vegan travelers than just gourmet vegan meals. The cruises are an all-encompassing unique experience with vegan celebrity speakers, workshops and lectures etc.
  • What Can Vegetarians Eat On Airline Flights?
    Being an airline passenger has never been more challenging than it is now. This is even truer for vegetarians as many airlines have eliminated some or all meal options to cut costs in this extremely budget-focused environment. Thus, we called major airlines to determine which offer vegetarian meals.

Where/how to stay?

  • The Vegan Society (Travel)
    If you’re travelling to somewhere within the UK and looking for advice on where to stay or eat, try getting in touch with one of The Vegan Society’s Local and Group Contacts for that area. For international travellers, many supermarkets carry vegan basics like soya milk and of course you’ll always be able to find fresh fruit and veggies.
  • The Vegan Stay
    A unique opportunity to combine vacationing with a purposeful way to support the vibrant brave souls who run animal sanctuaries
  • VeggiHotels
    The VeggieHotels® criteria for purely vegetarian hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, conference centers or health centers are very simple. There is no meat or fish on the menu (100% vegetarian cuisine).
  • Vegvisits
    Vegvisits is an online booking platform for vegans and vegetarians that connects host offering accommodations in their homes with travelers seeking the convenience, atmosphere and experience of staying with a local
  • VeggieHotels
    Choose a continent and discover all vegetarian/ vegan hotels, B&Bs and guest houses in more than 60 countries. Discover the special offers of VeggieHotels for workshops, yoga retreats, vegan cooking courses, health weeks and more.

Vegan resorts, guesthouses and homestays in India

Are you vegan or WFPB and want to enjoy a short getaway without worrying about the food? Here are some 100% vegan accommodation options where you can do just that. The ones that are WFPB are mentioned too.

South India

  • Be Animal Hostel
    A hostel in Koramangala, Bengaluru with Happiness Café, a 100% vegan café run by an enthusiastic vegan couple, Lakshman and Vanessa.
  • Savera Naturals
    An organic farm and guesthouse in Sakleshpur, 240 km from Bengaluru, owned and run by Merwin and Regina Fernandes, a couple with a strong commitment to natural farming and sustainable natural living. They offer you an immersive experience of life on a natural farm, laced with clean fun and adventure, and healthy, wholesome and delicious vegan/WFPB food.
  • The Lilac Farm
    Just outside Bengaluru, this is an ex-dairy farm that has been converted into a 100% vegan organic farm stay by a mother and daughter duo. They first turned vegan to successfully reverse an ‘incurable’ illness and created this place in order to let people experience it too. They can cater WFPB on request.
  • Indhrivanam
    Indhrivanam means a sense of forest in Malayalam. Located in Kumily Thekkady in Kerala, this is a unique place to stay with only one stone cottage available for tourists. The cottage is situated in a small private forest with hundreds of rosewood, rudraksha, mango, jackfruit, avocado and orange trees and home to slender lorises, Asian palm civets, giant squirrels, more than 50 types of birds, wild boar, barking deer, sambar deer, mouse deer, hares, rabbits, porcupines and monitor lizards.

West India

  • Bean Me Up
    This is mainly a vibrant award-winning vegan restaurant but also has bed and breakfast rooms for stay under a canopy of age-old mango, jackfruit and palm trees. There’s yoga at dawn, a boutique with clothing from organic and fair-trade labels as well as hand-selected merchandise from around the world. Near Vagator, North Goa.
  • Hippie Paws Goa
    Goa’s first WFPB restaurant with a lovely guesthouse situated in Mandrem, Goa
  • The Hidden Oasis
    An organic farm, a small sanctuary for rescued animals, and a beautiful eco-retreat space right on a lake. This space is now 100% vegan and can cater WFPB as well. An hour’s drive from Pune.

North India

  • Dharmalaya
    Located on an idyllic site in the forest just outside the town of Bir in the Himalayan foothills, Dharmalaya Institute’s campus serves as a living showcase and training ground for sustainable practices such as an earthen building, organic agriculture, a vegan and compassionate lifestyle and more. This is a place to learn and grow. There are regular courses.
  • Sunrise Cottage AirBnB
    Want to holiday in Dehradun? Manju, your host, follows a WFPB diet and can cater to anyone who does too. You will have your own

Where/how to eat?

  • VegGuide
    VegGuide.org is a worldwide, community-maintained guide to veg-friendly restaurants and shopping.
  • VeganCuts
    This team of vegan sleuths spend their days scouring online shops, festivals and stores for the very best vegan food, beauty and fashion products so we can bring them to you through our online marketplace, our monthly Snack Box and Beauty Box and our special edition boxes.
  • VegDining
    Guide to vegan restaurants and grocers around the world.
  • VeggiePlaces
    Search engine for vegetarian places and reviews around the world.
  • Vegans With Appetites
    We are Victoria and Adam. By sharing our experience as well as carefully curated guides, we want to show others that it’s possible, even easy, to live and travel the world cruelty-free.

Helpful Tips & Resources

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling as a Vegan
    Traveling can seem intimidating to those of us who are new to it. From jet lag, to language barriers, to culture shock, there’s a seemingly endless list of things to worry about. Being a vegan may seem like yet another challenge – but it doesn’t have to be! With that in mind, here are some basic tips to help get you started.
  • Happy Cow – The Healthy Eating Guide
    Founded in 1999, HappyCow was created as a public service to assist travelers and people everywhere find vegan, vegetarian, and healthy food. Today, this online community has grown to include members from around the world who are passionate about the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle as a healthy, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable way of living. More than simply a restaurant and health food store guide, HappyCow is an ever-evolving online hub that serves millions worldwide as a one-stop resource for everything VEG.
  • Vegan Kicks
    A collection of vegan shoes and accessories for travel.
  • Will Travel For Vegan Food
    Kristin Lajeunesse is founder of and blogger for the award-winning website Will Travel for Vegan Food. In September 2011, the New York native began traveling throughout the US in an effort to eat at and write about every single all-vegan establishment she can find.
  • Vegan Traveller
    If you enjoy traveling as much as you value your vegan lifestyle this site will provide you with the tips, tricks, trends, and resources to let you do both!
  • Vegan Meetups
    Meet fellow Vegans near you! Come to a local Vegan Meetup and discuss living a healthy vegan lifestyle. Have delicious meals, share your favorite vegan recipes and make new friends!
  • Vegan Travel Tips from On The Road Travellers
    High and low for recommendations and tips on ways to maintain a vegan diet and lifestyle whilst on the road, and whilst there were some good tips, it never beats asking current vegan travellers for their advice.
  • 15 Tips for Easy Vegan Travel
    Vegan travel is easy. All it takes is a simple process of preparation and following the practiced tips of people who have been there (literally), done it, and are more than happy to open up and share what they’ve learned with vegans with an itch to discover the world.
  • 25+ Tips for Eating Vegetarian While Traveling
    Vegetarian and vegan athletes, authors, and bloggers, all of whom travel quite a bit — assemble a massive collection of healthy, plant-based travel tips from the people who know how to do it better than anyone else in the world.
  • A Practical Guide to Travelling as a Vegan.
    • How to travel as a vegan – including tips on researching trips, knowing about destinations, and helpful phrases for ordering vegan food abroad.
    • Advice on vegan-friendly travel apps and websites to help you plan where to eat and common mistakes to avoid as a vegan traveller.
    • Other useful links and resources for travellers with specific dietary requirements.

Vegan Travel Blogs

  • CircleOurEarth
    Cristen created her site as platform for compiling useful travel resources, tips and inspiration for vegan travelers. She has traveled to over 20 countries and has plans to continue traveling and blogging about her experiences.
  • The Healthy Voyager
    Carolyn Scott-Hamilton is a vegan interested in holistic nutrition, culinary arts, and travel. She created her site to show people that they can travel anywhere without letting their dietary restrictions ruin their trip.
  • The Traveling Vegetarian
    Yvonne Smith has an online show with blogs, videos, and interviews about vegetarian restaurants and travel.
  • Vegan Backpacker
    Jill and John are two vegans from Canada who are eating their way around the world, backpacking vegan-style. Their backpacking adventure will take them through North America, South America, Europe, India, and Africa. Along the way, they will report back with lots of tips and pictures to help other vegan explorers.
  • Vegan Backpacker
    Jill and John are two vegans from Canada who are eating their way around the world
  • Vegan World Trekker
    Maria is an avid world traveller with a goal to visit every continent. She blogs about her experiences finding vegetarian and vegan restaurants wherever she goals.
  • Vegan Food Quest
    Finding, Eating & Writing about the Best Vegan Food in the World.
  • Will Travel for Vegan Food
    Kristin is a food and travel enthusiast chronicling her year-long road trip across the US and her attempt to eat at all of the 100% vegan restaurants in the country.

Vegan Language Guides

  • NEW Vegan Passport (fourth edition)
    The essential passport sized traveling companion for vegans now includes 74 languages, covering over 95% of the world’s population, with a page saying what vegans do and don’t eat in great detail. Let the waiter show it to the cook and you’ll be sure of a totally vegan, animal free feast in restaurants anywhere even if no one speaks a word of your language.
  • Select Wisely
    When you’re dining in foreign language speaking restaurants, you can communicate your vegan diet clearly and effectively by using these carefully translated Vegan cards. Available in various languages such as Spanish, Italian, French, Thai, Chinese and more.

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