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Meals that Heal: Oil free, Sugar free, Dairy free, Gluten free Cooking Workshop



I would like to share a usual conversation when we get enquiries for our cooking workshops:

Q. Can we make Indian food without oil?
A. Yes. Just like we learn how to cook with oil, we can learn to cook without it. Its just a matter of technique.

Q. But don’t we need to eat oil to get  the right fats in our diet?
A. Of course we need to eat to eat the right amount and right kind of fats in our diet. The fats need to come from nature, not from a bottle. We will use whole nuts, seeds, coconut etc to add fats to the meals.

Q. I love to eat curd with each meal. Occasionally I also like to eat kheer/payasam. Will I have to give these foods up if I let go of dairy?
A. Surely not. We will demonstrate how to make all these dishes without a drop of animal milk.

If you too are wondering how to make all your favorite foods without oil, refined sugar, dairy and gluten; please join us for this workshop in which we will demonstrate how to make:

  • Oil free tadka for gravies
  • Oil free dry vegetable dish
  • Plant based “milk”
  • Plant based “curd”
  • Refined sugar free kheer
  • Easy laddoo
  • Whole rice and Millet cooking techniques
  • Simple salad dressings

Time: 11 am to 12:30 pm

Contribution: Rs. 1000 per person.

Early Bird Discount: Rs. 850 per person till 20th of February 2017,
Rs. 750 for past participants of SHARAN paid programs till 20th of February 2017.
Note: Please deposit cash or cheque before the Early Bird date ends (midnight), or else full rate(s) will be applicable.

Contact: Anubha 9980950135.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation before the early bird attracts full refund towards another program. Cancellation after early bird attracts 75% refund. No refund on that day of event.


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