Tehseen Dudani


Tehseen Dudani has over 14 years of experience in the insurance and banking industries wherein she has handled a number of portfolios including training and development. She was diagnosed with diabetes and hypothyroid in 2012 following a sudden and serious operation. She had to take insulin injections initially and diabetes medication thereafter. You can well imagine how shattered she was. As luck would have it she came across the organisation SHARAN in less than a year after that and learnt how to reverse her diabetes with whole and plant based food. She successfully reversed her diabetes in only three weeks flat and has been medicine free since. She considers herself honoured now to be a part of the SHARAN family to assist in spreading the message of true health and well being.

Tehseen is a facilitator at SHARAN’s 21 Day Health Retreat, where she connects the participants with the mind’s role in health through various tools which help them tremendously.

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