Sharanya Abishek is a nature lover and a sustainability evangelist. One fine day in 2016, she lost the vision in her left eye overnight when her daughter was just one year old. She was immediately admitted in the hospital and after a week of IV steroids, her eyesight was restored. But a series of tests showed the diagnosis as an autoimmune disorder called ‘Multiple Sclerosis’. She or her family heard about this for the first time and were shocked and felt helpless. Her neurologist explained that she should not be exposed to heat whatsoever. Living in Chennai, she confined herself to an AC room. She felt her life was doomed.

A one hour phone consultation with Dr. Nandita Shah changed her life. Though she did not know what to expect she followed everything to the T. In 3 months, she saw results. She stopped her sleeping pills and started to sleep better. She was able to be more active, the umpteen boils all over her body vanished. She was finally able to take care of herself, her family and most importantly her daughter.

She overcame her dependency on medicines gradually using the WFPB diet. She is now giving back by being a facilitator and passionately supporting people with health challenges.