Shalini Goenka

Shalini Goenka suffered from irritable bowel syndrome and asthma for years. After losing her voice in 2005 due to ulcers, she was looking for a holistic approach to take charge of her life and that’s when her journey started. She turned to veganism for health reasons, read about this philosophy and its connection to animals and the environment.

Being passionate about health, she also did her teachers training course in yoga, the ACSM nutrition counsellor course and Diabetes Educators program. She has also been conducting yoga classes and doing nutritional counselling. She even participates in marathons.

In November 2017 she attended Dr. Nandita Shah’s seminar and decided that the whole plant-based nutrition plan was something she has always been looking for, and started working with SHARAN since the beginning of 2018. She conducts talks and cooking classes with SHARAN.

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