Rose Pinto

A Christian brought up in Kerala, Rose was lead to believe that she was living the perfect healthy and balanced lifestyle with non-veg up until January of 2015, when she attended one of SHARAN’s smoothie class. She immediately removed all the milk products from her house and then attended an Eat Well and Live Longer workshop, and removed her microwave oven, and all sugar, oil products from her home.

Her whole family turned vegan with her after watching the documentary – Earthlings, and attended SHARAN’s workshops too. This helped to maintain her decision in cooking and staying vegan easily.

After six months of following an organic plant based diet, she carried out a health check-up and, no shock, everything was normal! In fact her haemoglobin count was higher than usual. Earlier she used to eat anything which is served and regret later but now automatically she always has to check her food before eating and therefore eats only healthy and never regrets it.

She is also a passionate cook, and wants to spread the word about this lifestyle because lot of people surrounding her are suffering from different sorts of ailments which can be cured with this change. She believes that even if she can change one person she is grateful to God. Now she conducts various cooking workshops for SHARAN including the Whole Plant Based Basic Class and the Six Weeks to Health Gain and Weight Loss program.

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