Reyna Rupani


Reyna Rupani has always preferred to stay away from medicines…and whenever she would look at elder people going for check-ups and taking pills, she would dread old age! Little did she realize at that time that she could actually take her health into her own hands!

A small listing in a newspaper changed Reyna’s life. SHARAN was screening a health-based film followed by a healthy lunch. She decided to go as she was suffering from acidity and had been advised to take pills. SHARAN’s event was a revelation! The food was extremely delicious. Within three days of just eating right, her acidity disappeared! She started her journey (cheating only once in a while), reading up and attending seminars, cooking classes, and within a year, she had lost 17 kilos! She became full of energy and also started looking younger, so much so that people actually thought that her 17 year old daughter and she were sisters!


As she got deeper, she realized that all that Dr Nandita does, is not only for health but it is for the animals and the environment too. She is totally inspired by the goodness of the whole plant based diet and can’t help but share with all now. She says she is doing this to speak for those who can’t speak….for Berry (her ex-pet bunny) and all his friends on this planet.

Today she heads SHARAN Mumbai and conducts different sessions like Six Weeks to Health & Weight loss programs, The Whole Plant Based Basics Cooking class, Health talks, Kids classes….whatever helps in spreading awareness and increasing compassion in the world.

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