Reena Sharma


Reena Sharma is a qualified psychologist based in Ahmedabad Gujarat with over fifteen years experience in psychological therapies.

She emphasizes a holistic approach towards intervention by addressing the emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual dimensions of the personality.

Her personal journey began when she exhausted several options to lose weight and was constantly feeling unhealthy. Although she was a vegetarian already, she felt something was missing big time.  She started researching and reading books written by doctors and medical research papers, saw interviews, documentaries, which stated, how a plant based strong lifestyle helps heal overall health. This really struck the cord and then there was no looking back. She also attended Dr. Nanadita Shah’s seminars. She started changing her food habits one by one with the healthy plant strong diet and saw that she was able to sustain it too. “Changing the lifestyle has brought immense peace and new perspective to look at life. When Dr. Nandita says lifestyle change also means shift in consciousness, its 100% true.”.

She believes that nutrition plays an important part in psychological health and she educates her clients in her practice on plant-based nutrition along with her psychological therapies for health and wellness.

She contributes to various newspapers and magazines like ‘DNA Gujarat, The Suburb’, life style magazine, as well as in wellness column and Speaking Tree columns of ‘The Times of India. She now conducts psychological consultations for SHARAN.