Parini Delhivala

Parini Delhivala, a facilitator at SHARAN, is a homemaker from Ahmedabad.

She adopted a WFPB lifestyle in 2018 to support her son, a young adult blessed with Down Syndrome, a genetic condition. Since his birth, he had very low immunity, frequent cough and cold and was prone to falling sick quite often. A few years ago, he developed alopecia, an autoimmune condition.

Shifting to a WFPB and gluten-free diet totally changed her son’s life. His health got a lot better and his immunity improved greatly. His alopecia also reversed.

Parini and her other family members too experienced a lot of health benefits. Her elder son and daughter-in-law, ethical vegans living in the US, were attracted to this whole food lifestyle and have started following SHARAN.

She wants to now show people how healthy and tasty this lifestyle can be. Many parents of special needs kids are unaware of the huge benefits of this lifestyle and how it can change their kid’s life. She wants to spread awareness among such parents.

She is also a passionate cook and often comes up with new and innovative recipes.

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