Christina Ajith has a background in designing but food has always been her calling for as long as she remembers.
But it all changed when she was diagnosed with Lupus in 2019. She went from being a perfectly healthy teenager to the one whose life depended on medications. It was the most helpless feeling that she had ever felt.
SHARAN came to her as a saviour where she was introduced to a whole new world of possibilities!

After noticing the difference in her health and energy she felt as if she had regained herself and finally had control over her life!
What started for health reasons soon turned for ethical reasons and she joined the SHARAN team in February 2022 and wishes to spread the awareness to the best of her ability.

SHARAN inspired her & family to turn their dairy/ poultry/ livestock farm to a Vegan Organic farm, The Lilac Farm
(Bangalore). They are now a wellness centre and provide farm stay, conduct organic farming sessions, health retreats etc.
She is also looking forward to studying the Health Supportive course from ICE university, Los Angeles and working with renowned Vegan chefs in the country.