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Shalu Nijhawan

Shalu Nijhawan is a certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach. She studied nutrition at American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA).

Apart from being a Nutritional Consultant, she also conducts cooking workshops and talks.

Having worked in a secure government job for 5 years post her MBA, she chose to pursue her passion and did a course in cake decorating from Le Cordon Bleu, London. Back in India, she started her cake boutique in Bangalore 5 years ago with great success.

But when her husband’s and her own health started going downhill at an early age, she and her family moved to a plant-based lifestyle. By doing this, she was able to reverse her husband’s diabetes, hypertension and ankylosing spondylitis, and he also reduced 30 kgs in a year. She herself lost 11 kgs and her own immunity improved significantly, leaving behind a long period of continuous infections post the birth of her second child.

Even before joining as a Nutritional Consultant with SHARAN, she had started helping people reverse their diseases through food.

She has been published in many magazines like Women’s Era and Conflating Visions and also been interviewed by FM Rainbow Mumbai (AIR).

Shalu is also an active animal and bird rescuer in Bangalore. She desires to spread the message of veganism as a means of helping animals and the environment.


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