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Reena Sharma

Dr. Reena Sharma, Ph.D., is a Psychologist. She has been in the industry for over two decades.
She emphasises a comprehensive approach to intervention that addresses the emotional, cognitive,
behavioral, and spiritual aspects of the personality. She is Founder of The Mind Practice.

Her personal journey with a whole food plant based lifestyle began when she wanted to learn more
about being healthy and learnt about the vegan lifestyle, even though she was already a vegetarian.

She began researching and reading books written by doctors and medical research papers, as well
as watching interviews and documentaries about how a plant strong lifestyle can help heal overall
health. This really hit home, and there was no turning back. She also attended seminars given by Dr.
Nanadita Shah. She began changing her eating habits one by one with the healthy plant-based diet
and discovered that she was able to maintain it as well. “Changing my lifestyle has brought me
immense peace and a new way of looking at life.” When Dr. Nandita says that changing one’s
lifestyle also means changing one’s consciousness, she is absolutely correct.”

She believes that nutrition is important in psychological health and educates her clients on
plant-based nutrition in addition to psychological therapies for health and wellness.

Dr. Reena Sharma has developed a variety of multifaceted clinical practise transformation
programmes that includes customized responses and innovative techniques. She emphasises a
holistic approach to intervention by addressing each client’s emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and
spiritual needs. Her work addresses a wide range of issues in all populations, including eating
disorders, Body image issues, personality disorders, food and body relationship, depression, anxiety,
relationship issues, couple therapies, adolescent issues and therapy, work-life balance issues,
corporate employees and management sessions, and so on.

With a clear vision, Dr Reena Sharma is attempting to integrate mental health into the psy


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