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SHARAN 21-day Online Diabetes Reversal Program Pay now

90 days complete access

* Rs.5000 + 18% GST

Rs. 5900

60 days complete access.

* Rs.4000+18% GST

Rs. 4720

30 days extended access. Valid only for those who are on the Gold or Silver

* Rs.2500+18% GST

Rs. 2950

Rs 300 for orders in India.

(Also available on Amazon)

Rs. 300

The Health book is packed with useful information for people who would like to reverse disease and illness by following a healthy diet.

Rs. 200

This is a recipe book that was used for our cooking classes in our 21 day program, June 2015 where cooking classes are conducted almost every day. This contains recipes and dinner menus for both Indian and International Cuisines.

Rs. 250