Vegan for animals

As milk consumers we are accomplices to the pain and torture of cows. There is ample evidence that it is bad for health, unethical and non ecological. We can all be a part of the change we wish to see in the world.

If you’re already a vegetarian you’ve undoubtedly helped reduce animal suffering, but the dairy and egg industries also cause immense suffering. An average Indian non-vegetarian is responsible for the lives of more than 70 living creatures a year. (Calculate one chicken per week (52), a couple of goats (2), a couple of calves killed for milk that rightly belongs to them (1 – 2) and many fish! That’s actually a lot more than 70.)

Eating meat causes suffering, fear, social deprivation, loss of natural environment, loss of liberty, mutilation and illness to more than 70 billion land animals, and an even higher number of sea animals every year. Many animals spend thousands of miles on the road to hell. Becoming a vegan is the most effective step you can take to end this cruel practice. Each one can save more animals with their diet choice than almost any other way.