Updates from SHARAN Training Program 2015

September 7, 2015

Photo Credits: Reshma Pritam Singh

Day 5: 7th September 2015

The day began with a wonderful exercise of creating a circle of excellence. An NLP technique, all the participants mindfully visualized their circle of excellence and saw it enhance. This was followed by another round of filming every participant’s presentation, after incorporating many of the suggestions of all the coaches.

The second part of the day was focussed on cooking classes – how to plan one and what all things need to be kept in mind. Then it was demonstration time! Reyna Rupani started with raw cookies, followed by Seema Bali and her healthy Raw Papaya salad and Jenny Sugar showed how to whip up  delicious sweet cousous. Mayavi Khandelwal enchanted all with her amazing shreddable ‘cheese’ and Anjali Tejani showcased an amazing oil free version of the Sindhi Dal Pakwan! Shhivpriya Harlalka beautifully demonstrated her cold carrot soup, which was relished by all.
Minakshi Agarwal and Devika Menon visited the pool with their umbrellas, and soon found themselves in the pool! The others opted for yoga or a walk to the amazing OM beach. We ended the day with a film of Dr Neal Bernard’s talk – Chocolate, Cheese, Meat and Sugar. Check it out – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VWi6dXCT7I

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Day 4: 6th September 2015

Many of our trainees are specialists in their own rights and have a lot to share, and we are are all enriching each other. Sandhyashree Rajiv teaches  Tai Chi by the poolside every morning for those who are interested. Although we are spoilt for options of new things to learn and do, we do not have much time to spare. The program itself is quite intense.

Tai Chi by the pool[1] Tai Chi by the pool1[1]Tai Chi by the pool2[1] Tai Chi by the pool3[1]

Today was another presentation skills day. After a few lessons in the morning,  we watched some videos showing compelling beginnings and discussed how we too could improve our presentations. Participants got another practice opportunity to incorporate the new tools learnt. Improvements were tangible.

As always the food in SwaSwara is made to perfection according to our needs. Baked pani puris during snack break and raw chocolate mousse at dessert brought in smiles! The organic fruits here at Swasara are so fulfilling and satiating that many of us have opted to have only smoothies and fruit at breakfast despite the amazing breakfasts.

Food_Dessert![1] Food_Just Desserts for the Trainer[1]
2. Must be all the fruit![1] 1. Glowing_Skins, Shining_eyes[1]
Chatting in cosy nooks[1] IMG_2945[2]

We ended the day by watching high quality video presentations related to our work and discussing the presenters skills. Here are two of them – Melanie Joy’s TedX talk on Carnism, Philip Woolen Animals should be off the menu.


Day 3: 5th September 2015

Yesterday was action packed! It began with a round of blood tests for all the participants. We want to ensure that our presenters are as healthy as possible.  Nandini Gulati, who has years of experience as a corporate trainer taught the Art of Dynamic Presentations. It was a day of realizations and some amazing learning. Every participant was filmed giving a presentation! The nervousness and anxiety gradually melted under Nandini’s guidance, as she helped each participant improve him or herself. Each participant received their own video on a drive so that they could watch it and improve.

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Despite the intense learning, we did have our share of fun during the day. Some of us did art yoga in the morning, and pretty pictures emerged. There was a surprise dance break in the middle of the training session! The highlight of the day was Seema Bali’s birthday celebration! The kitchen prepared a delicious raw vegan chocolate cake to felicitate her.

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tp3 20[1]

We ended the day by watching a video of a presentation ‘101 Reasons to go Vegan’, to learn both how to convince as well as to obeserve nuances in the speaker’s brilliant presentation.

Day 2: 4th September 2015

We started the morning with optional activities – yoga, meditation, nature walks or just relaxing.

Every day’s homework is to read one chapter from the book ‘The Source’, which helps us train our thoughts which is the source of all creation. The second day of our training program focussed on the qualities of an excellent coach. Through relevant group exercises, the whole teaching became experiential.

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Everyone is thoroughly relishing the food. Both the meals include some sumptuous rainbow salads and interesting dressings. The highlights of the lunch were the oil free pakoras, the Bihari stuffed tomatoes, Dal Makhani and the potato raita. Dinner took us to Italy as we had zucchini pasta in pesto sauce, Caesar salad, Moussaka and yummy pizza with cashew cheese.

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We ended the day by watching the film ‘Terry Fox’, an inspiring true story of how a 21 year old ran all across Canada with an amputated leg to raise money for cancer research for children. The focus was on setting goals and how despite all the hurdles one can achieve them. It all just begins with a thought…

Day 1: 3rd September 2015

Yesterday was the first day of our 10 day training program. We have twenty one participants from all over India, including Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, London and Italy. As we sat in a circle, every member shared the work that they had done so far, and their future vision. What’s best is that we all share a common goal of empowering people to improve their health and make this planet a better place for people and animals. And that’s exactly what has bonded us.

We started the day by setting individual SMART goals to give a direction to our vision. The rest of the day was spent in revising SHARAN basics of health and nutrition, and cooking so that we are all equipped with basic knowledge and are able to answer questions.

The amazing meals served are also a part of the training. Recipes were enquired upon, ingredients discussed and innovative methods of cooking discovered.

This is just the beginning…

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