Vegan Custard Cream


  • Take either one of these or a mixture of Coconut milk, Cashew milk, Rice milk and Soy milk. These milks are mixed so as not to give the cream any specific taste. This can easily be done by adding warm water to a mixture of cooked rice, cashews, and coconut gratings in the blender and straining the puree. Soy milk can be added later. The total liquid including the sweetener (below) should measure about ½ litre.
  • Date paste
  • salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract of vanilla beans
  • 1-1/2 tsp agar agar powder
  • cinnamon powder for sprinkling on top.


Add enough sweetener to the milk to get just the right amount of sweetness. Add a dash of salt and the vanilla beans or extract to add to the taste. Add some agar agar (about 2.5 tsp of flakes works with ½ litre of liquid or 1.5 tsp powder to ½ litre of liquid). Put in a pot, on slow flame, and allow to simmer for the agar agar to dissolve. Scoop out a portion in a spoon and place in the fridge to check if the agar is enough to set the custard. If it does not set, add more agar. Keep in mind that it should not become too hard. The custard can be applied on a cake and set in the fridge. Garnish with cinnamon and serve.