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Rs 299 for orders in India.
Please email us at to know the price for postage outside of India

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Rs. 299

The Health book is packed with useful information for people who would like to reverse disease and illness by following a healthy diet.

Rs. 200

Dr. McDougall’s Color Picture Book.
“Food Poisoning” – How to Cure it by Eating Beans, Corn, Pasta, Potatoes, Rice, etc. This is a simple, comprehensive picture book about what to eat and and what not mainly through pictures and symbols so anyone of any age can understand by Dr John McDougall, edited by SHARAN for India.

Rs. 150

This is a recipe book that was used for our cooking classes in our 21 day program, June 2015 where cooking classes are conducted almost every day. This contains recipes and dinner menus for both Indian and International Cuisines.

Rs. 250

This DVD was prepared in response to requests from participants who attended the Peas vs Pills workshops. Since the one-day workshops don’t have cooking demos, some participants were at a loss about making the different vegan dairy alternatives. This DVD has been made with the help of past participants who are happy to share their experiences and recipes. This is especially suitable for India where besides soya milk and tofu, vegan dairy alternatives are not easily available.

Rs. 150

72 recipes that are healthy or can be made healthy, downloaded from YouTube. Needs to be watched on a computer.

Rs. 150

These are some unique table-mats which remind you of eating right as you sit on your dining table. A set of six, each table-mat has a different quote. Another interesting way to remind yourself to stay on the path, and a good conversation starter when you have guests over!

Rs. 750

The 21 Day Gratitude Book by Lahar Mehta is a beautiful way of making gratitude a part of your life. Each day the book will gently direct you to different areas of your life, and you will slowly and subtly realise how much we have to be thankful for

Rs. 200