Vineeta Punjabi

Vineeta Punjabi was a banker by profession and always assumed she was eating and living healthfully until cancer struck in the family. The whole experience made her wonder if there was a way to have health in her own hands. The search led her to SHARAN and their ways of preventing and reversing lifestyle diseases. She was a non-vegetarian and turned vegetarian overnight after learning about its effect on health. She also realized how animals are sentient beings and shouldn’t be looked at as food, but as fellow beings. She learnt more about the lifestyle through the website and SHARANs YouTube page. She also went through the works of other plant-based doctors around the world. Within a few months she transitioned to eating whole plant foods, which means no oil, no dairy, not even packaged food as far as possible. She noticed great benefits, like she lost over 10kgs of weight, improved digestion, clarity and overall boost in immunity. She has never looked back. Passionate about cooking, she now loves to spread the message of eating healthfully and with compassion. She has been volunteering with SHARAN since January, 2019 and completed her facilitators training with SHARAN in January, 2020. She now conducts talks and cooking sessions at SHARAN.

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