Veena Thakker

Veena Thakker who is based in Dubai turned to a whole food plant based diet overnight. Here’s why and how she did this.

She used to suffer from GERD and Migraine until 2014. After taking antacids for a few years, there was a stage when she experienced loss of appetite, exhaustion and severe side effects from heavy medication. She was desperately searching for some alternative way as she is a believer of natural therapy. This is when she came across the plant based diet and the whole family decided to dive in and try it at least for a month. This was the turning point for her and her family’s health.
Her kitchen got a makeover overnight as dairy products and oils made their way out. Food habits as well as lifestyle changes were made which showed results within a few weeks. She felt very energetic and her health issues vanished.

Veena has a B.H.Sc and B.Ed degree from Mumbai University and is passionate about spreading knowledge. She is now educating people about the healing power of a plant based diet. She decided to spread the awareness by joining SHARAN in December, 2017. In 2018, she also did the plant based online cooking course from Forks over Knives. She completed the SHARAN Facilitator training course in January 2020. Now, she is a certified SHARAN Facilitator and conducts cooking sessions in Dubai.

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