Vandana Tiwari

Vandana has a hypothyroid problem and was searching for a natural cure since a long time. She came to know about SHARAN and learnt about the plant based diet. She started attending all the possible cooking classes, movie screenings, seminars and  potlucks, which were organised by the SHARAN team in Mumbai. As she equipped herself with the knowledge and implemented it in her life, her thyroid levels improved and the doctor has reduced her medication. Her acidity is completely gone and she has lost seven kilos in six months!

Before & After - Vandana

A wonderful cook and a mother to two demanding boys, Vandana started experimenting a lot in the kitchen. She came up with innovative ways to make so many things including raagi noodles from scratch, oil-free pickles, baked samosas, whole wheat bread and more. Inspired by the changes she felt, coupled with her passion for cooking, Vandana now conducts cooking classes for SHARAN and also is a part of the SHARAN VeganEssence team, where she supplies healthy delicacies all over Mumbai!

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