Supraja S

Supraja is a certified plant-based nutritionist from E-Cornell with graduation in Nutrition. She is also a NESTA certified Sports Nutritionist and holds a Certificate in Music Therapy from Chennai School of Music Therapy (CSMT).

She completed her MBA and after 18 years of a successful corporate life (across sales, operations, marketing, and training), gave it all up to follow her passion – holistic health through food. Through her own personal journey of living with weight gain, chronic periodontitis, and early-stage thyroid cancer, she chose to heal herself through food apart from medication.

Her commitment to this lifestyle has helped her husband in weight loss and overcoming his IBS problems. She has also helped her father – a diabetic of 32yrs – to reduce his insulin injections by more than 70% in less than a year. Supraja does nutritional consultations and conducts talks for SHARAN.

She practices a cruelty-free lifestyle and is also passionate about sustainable living.


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