Somna Sachdev

Somna Sachdev was pre-diabetic and suffered from chronic migraines, UTI’s, high cholesterol, and severe aches in her knees. She misguidedly believed that illness and pain came with the territory of growing older. Dr. Nandita Shah’s teachings irrevocably changed her life. She felt sincerely witnessed and immediately switched from being a non-vegetarian to following a whole food plant based lifestyle. She attended Dr. Shah’s 21 day health retreat, and found a deeper and more meaningful connection with herself and her environment.

Today, Somna is grateful to be alive and blooming. She has been cured of all disease through the practice of food as medicine. She has settled into and is thriving at her natural body weight and size. She takes pleasure in cooking and loves being in nature. It gives her immense joy to share her knowledge and skills. She is a facilitator with SHARAN and lives in Chennai.

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