Smita Dedhia

Health has always been a top priority for Smita. So whenever she would hear of something new, she would try it out! However five years ago her search stopped as she found a permanent health solution – the Whole Plant based Diet.

She actually started this lifestyle for the benefit of her paraplegic husband. Inspite of having very limited movement, it helped him to reduce his weight without exercise! The eradication of the puss problem that he was facing was a bonus. But what was most interesting was that the diet change made him more positive inspite of his condition.

Smita too benefited by reducing the extra fat! Her consistent hair fall came into control but the real icing of this healthy journey was that her eczema of fifteen years just vanished. Since she enjoys cooking she started making everything in a healthy way and some very interesting dishes too. Her daughter also thus benefitted as her acidity and PCOD issues were resolved.

She now looks forward to spreading the benefits of plant based nutrition with one and all. She conducts cooking sessions and organises talks for SHARAN.