Shashi Rungta

Shashi Rungta, who is now in her early fifties, adopted the whole food plant based diet about 6 years ago. Her husband Nirmal had chronic hyperacidity and was over weight (95 kgs) & she had hypo- thyroid. He was advised to switch to a vegan diet. The instruction was to strictly follow it for 21 days without cheating.

For Shashi who had never actively engaged in cooking, it was a nightmare. Since her marriage, for almost 30 years, she had barely entered the kitchen. The hired cooks that she had relied upon all these years, were no good for her with the changed diet regime. She wanted to ensure that she could make a good variety of whole foods to avoid any temptation to cheat. She, herself, also switched immediately to the whole food plant base diet and started spending time learning and trying new recipes.

Results were seen by the end of the first month. Nirmal’s acidity disappeared and weight loss was visible. This prompted them to change their lifestyle forever. She associated with SHARAN to take this forward. By the end of six months Shashi had lost about 15 kgs and her husband lost about 20! Her thyroid symptoms also started improving. For both of them it was not about weight loss alone but their energy levels also improved. Shashi also found her passion for healthy cooking and now prefers to cook all her meals at home herself.

Now at SHARAN Shashi takes cooking classes and volunteers at events including the Farmer’s market at Juhu.

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