Seema Bali


From as long as I can remember, I have been suffering from back and knee pains, migraine and weights issues. 10 years of these and then I started to get recurring stomach aches. Adding to the already piling up diseases, I was diagnosed with gall bladder stones and almost border line diabetes. I had extremely low energy levels and couldn’t take care of the demands my life had from me. It became increasingly difficult to manage my family and my 2 year old son.

Doctors prescribed me numerous medications and suggested surgery as the only way out. I consulted countless doctors, each one giving me a prescription of endless medicines. Rather than seeing any results, all I saw were more and more doctors, and more and more medicines. After 3 years of continuous medication, but no results to follow them, I started losing hope and lost all faith in doctors and medication.

I felt somewhere that continuous medication without any efforts to change my lifestyle would never lead me to free my body from the diseases I had developed. So I abandoned the pills and began my search for an internal healing tool to help me get results that would stay.

My husband stumbled upon the SHARAN’s diabetes reversal programme and insisted I attend it. I was reluctant to let go of my Biryanis and Kebabs, but somehow gathered the willpower and embarked on the journey.

The concept that fascinated me and my husband to try the SHARAN programme was the unique approach that Dr. Nandita Shah had to use food for healing instead of medication. I understood how the vicious cycle of medication trapped people.


The concept was just what I was looking for, I was hooked and so I enrolled for the 21 day diabetes reversal by SHARAN. The change in diet and lifestyle started showing its effects in about 4 days when I felt my migraines to appear lesser and lesser each day. My weight was dropping, even when I hadn’t given up on food. Food became a tool to help instead of being the enemy. Slowly and gradually, as I incorporated the changes I was taught, by the end of the 21 day retreat, I had dropped about 6 kilos, my back pain was a distant memory and I felt much more energetic and willing to do all that my life demanded from me.

The faith I have in this lifestyle urged me to send a few of my friends and family members suffering from terrible lifestyle diseases to see if the lifestyle change and quitting medication would work. And yes, it did. Their efforts made their medicines slowly reduce to negligible amounts and their health got better by the day.

The knowledge I have gained from Dr. Nandita Shah at SHARAN and the tremendous results I saw with this lifestyle as compared to the vicious cycle of doctors and medication that most of us are caught in, made me want to share this knowledge with all the others who need it to snap out of this circle of never ending pills and no results.

With the tremendous support of  Dr.Nandita and the team of SHARAN , I am now able to share what I learned so that we can live a healthy and fulfilling life.