Sandhyaashree is a practicing Holistic Lifestyle Coach for the last 20 years.

In her early twenties, she felt a strong connection to explore the prana or Life Force in the food we eat. She turned vegetarian in 2003 when she experienced the trauma and distress of an animal in the food she consumed, in the form of inexplicable mood swings.

Her vegan journey, however, started much later on January 10th 20l5 when she attended Dr. Nandita’s seminar. A life changing moment” as she describes it, she believes it was “an inner calling” to look at Life from a different perspective. She also instantly felt a deep connection to animal spirits. The same year she attended the trainer’s training program too at SHARAN.

During this period, Sandhyaashree’s work grew by leaps and bounds, and her Lifestyle Coaching Classes got busier each day, all thanks to the new clarity she had on high vibrational foods. She says, “to truly see a change from within we need to consume the right fuel which can aid that change”. The Whole Plant Based Lifestyle has the power to bring that change.

Sandhyaashree specializes in coaching people embrace this lifestyle with joy and acceptance, particularly helping people to break free from the emotional barriers that prevent them from adopting it. She now conducts talks, workshops and retreats for SHARAN.

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