Poonam Sharma

Poonam Sharma holds a Diploma in Nutrition & Health Education from IGNOU and a
Diploma in Dietetics Health & Nutrition and a Certificate in Child Care Nutrition from VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition.

Poonam does nutritional consultations at SHARAN.

Her areas of expertise include weight loss with underlying issues like diabetes, PCOD, hypertension, thyroid and high cholesterol.

Poonam always believed in living a medicine-free life. When she saw everyone around her getting sick and obese, she decided to become a health professional and studied nutrition. In her initial years as a dietitian, she advised vegetarian diets to her clients. However, on seeing a client with high cholesterol levels, she realised that something was wrong with the vegetarian diet too. Her quest for a healthier option led her to Dr John McDougall and whole food plant-based nutrition.

She then learnt that Dr Nandita Shah of SHARAN was doing similar work as Dr McDougall, in India. Attending her ‘Reversing Diabetes and Hypertension’ workshop made her even more confident in the WFPB diet. Not only did she change her own diet but also motivated her clients to follow the same.

She underwent SHARAN’s ‘Whole Food Plant Based Consultations Training Program for Doctors and Nutritionists’ in December 2017, and subsequently joined the SHARAN team.

Poonam is also a certified basic aerobics instructor (Step Reebok Instructor from Reebok Alliance). She enjoys vibrant health at the age of 50 years and attributes it to her whole food plant-based lifestyle.